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To that special someone:

Yesterday, when I saw you, I was about to talk to you but after you looked at me that way,
I assumed that you don’t want to talk so I pretended not to notice you at all.

Don’t let go!

I need you in my life, it’s just that I need time.
Give me time to digest everything that’s happening right now.

If you only knew, I like you too, so much! TO the point that I don’t want you to lose in my life.
Sorry, if I couldn’t show you how much you mean to me.
This is me, I’m a very complex person, I’m not affectionate, but I DO CARE FOR YOU!
I just don’t know how to show it.

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Kapag nagmamahal ka

Wag mo hanapin yung qualities niya sa iba. magkaibang tao sila.

Sa ginagawa mo masasaktan mo lang kayong dalawa.

Wag mo siya gamitin para ipalit sa taong minahal mo ng sobra na nang-iwan sayo.



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  • Ang hirap sayo naalala mo lang ako kapag KAILANGAN mo ako.
  • Kapag nakuha mo na ang kailangan mo KINAKALIMUTAN mo na ako -_-
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  • You can't blame me if I have this TRUST ISSUE
  • because nowadays you can't trust anyone anymore.
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"Don’t be afraid to fall, someone’s there to catch you. It might not be the person you’re expecting but it’s someone who you can count on. "



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  • Matuturing mo ba akong makasarili
  • kung itutulak ko siya sa taong NAGMAMAHAL sa kaniya pero HINDI NA SIYA MASAYA?
  • Kung gayong alam ko na natatakot ako na baka kapag naghiwalay sila ay MAAGAW ka niya.
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Chicken Lollipop + Sex On The Beach Cocktail

Last night we went out to indulge our selves, and we saw this bar along Seaside Macapagal in Pasay.

The bar has an entrance fee and they have a dance floor, and a pole where you can pole dance, if you like :) The place is very dim, their lights and sounds are good.

Their staffs are accommodating so you’ll have a good time here.

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Hindi sa ayaw ko sayo kaya ako nalayo.
Natatakot lang kasi ako, na mapalapit sayo

baka hindi ko na kayang lumayo sa oras na dumating

na yung panahong kailangan na kitang iwan.


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  • It's TRUE LOVE when you can accept his imperfections, perfectly : )
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kriz says:

I’d rather have an imperfect life with you here by my side to be complete, than to have a PERFECT life and incomplete without you by my side.


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